Logo Design

A collection of custom logo designs from a range of small boutiques, entrepreneurs, yoga apparel giants, and tech start-ups.


This is Not Your Practice Life

The cashart for the lululemon store was inspired by traditional tiles and colours. It features abstract shapes found at Luminaria, The River Walk, The Majestic theatre and other attractions found in San Antonio. Hand lettering by Ryan Hamrick. ...

The Away Game, lululemon mens

Do more. Carry less.

Click here to view video. The lululemon men’s Away Game video tells the story of a life on the move (and versatile, easy-to-travel-with gear) through professional hockey player Andrew Ference. Rapid pacing gives a sense ...

SeaWheeze Half Marathon Logo

SeaWheeze 1/2 Marathon

The 2015 lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon creative platform was a madcap mash-up of Dr. Seuss and science. Pops of primary colours inspired by 1960’s science textbooks lend the visual language a sense of fun, while ...



Click here to watch Emerge Transformed. Lululemon’s 2015 Wanderlust festival storytelling was based on the concept of transformation through yoga. The art direction of a short film and digital assets celebrated that nothing-like-it festival feeling ...



Custom wedding calligraphy.



Fenntessa Spring Summer 2017 lookbook. Art Direction and Design.


Woodlot Zodiac Illustrations

Collage horoscopes for August. Lovely words by Tara Chloe. Art Direction and Design.

Holiday Campaign, lululemon, deck of cards

Fuel Happiness

Lululemon Holiday Campaign. To create a truly happy holidays, we gave our collective practical daily tips to bring more happiness into their lives. Art Direction and Concept Development.

Vancouver Mural Festival, Katie Maasik, Mural, Vancouver, Street Art

Vancouver Mural Festival

In partnership with the City Of Vancouver, Mount Pleasant BIA, and Burrard Arts Foundation this mural was part of Vancouver’s biggest celebration of public art!  35+ brand new permanent murals were created all along Main ...


Billycan Adventures

A branding project for an outdoor lifestyle initiative dedicated to creating an engaging, active and inclusive community in Vancouver, BC. Inspired by the adventures of Jacque Cousteau.


You Are Not Al(One)

Mental illness is a widespread and complex health issue that necessitated a strong yet sensitive campaign. Bright colours and playful visual metaphors were chosen to balance a powerful advocacy for mental health awareness.

Sushi Concept Map, poster

Sustainable Sushi

A concept map and a mobile app designed for mindful sushi lovers. Determine the source of your sashimi with a few simple taps: learn which fish is approved by Seachoice, which is flagged with health ...


The Gallery, Signature Pizza & Art

With menu items named for famous modern artists, this artful dining experience was complemented with tasteful designs inspired by the great masters. Credits: Kyle Scott, Chinatown illustration

nostalgic, type, milk, dairy

Nostalgic Package Design

A nostalgic, beautiful and reusable bottle design reduces the filling cycle while promoting the health benefits of milk.

Owner's Manual, Employee Guide

ATA Owner’s Manual

Designed, art-directed, and produced the first owner’s manual for A Thinking Ape, a mobile social games startup. The manual’s bright, playful, quirky design reflects a diverse, offbeat team of engineers and creatives. Credits: Illustration: Tim Mack, Copy: Kate ...

W Magazine, Editorial Design

W Magazine

Designed front-of-book pages for July and August issues, created digital story-line files for the Condé Nast archives, maintained and updated the mini wall, scanned photographs and chromes, and assisted the art department in the design and ...


Type Eh

Type Eh is a collaborative typography & illustration exhibition that celebrates Canadian identity. Participating artists design posters that capture significant moments in Canadian history. Credits: Caitlyn Neufeld - Digital, Invite, Poster Design, Postcard Design. Alex Tench;  Art Direction, Concept Development;  Alexis Young - Concept Development,  Katie Maasik ...

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 4.16.58 PM

Vancouver Canucks

Designed large-scale graphics and signage for Rogers Arena, digital content for,  player handbook and employee manual, as well as newspaper, magazine and digital ads.